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I know there are a lot of you that are at a job that you are COMPLETELY miserable at it. Guess what?! I put in my two week notice :) I loved the actual work involved in my job but I had a manager that was completely unstable and irrational. I went to the management above her and he really didn’t give me the impression that he was really going to investigate it further. His response was, “well, her sales are really good so I doubt that corporate will do anything about it”.If you work for a company that has management that treats you with disrespect do ALL that you can to stick up for yourself. Self-respect is really more important at the end of the day. I have amazing work ethic and I always go above and beyond so I know that I won’t have problems making an awesome resume and blowing away future employers at the interviews :) Don’t be scared. Even if you find another job, and that one isn’t so great either, KEEP trying! It isn’t about the job itself it is about the work environment too. You DESERVE To be happy!!!!